Sushi heaven • sweet potato tempura roll • avocado cucumber roll • spicy salmon…

Sushi heaven 🍣🍚 • sweet potato tempura roll • avocado cucumber roll • spicy salmon roll • california roll


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  • I have been going here for over 10 years. However I liked ordering in from there. As of today I am absolutely never returning or ordering again and will go out of my way to inform others of the awful experience I had today. On the site currently they have a platter deal. We ordered the S1. I pick it up and as I'm walking out the very rude owner grabbed the receipt off of my bag which I thought was odd but didn't read too much into it. When I brought my tray downtown we opened it and it was not the S1 platter. I had precisely ordered this tray and the one I received was all vegetarian rolls. I called back and they offered me a free salad next time. I said no and then they asked me to bring the tray back for my money. I said no I'm already downtown. They asked me to keep it in the fridge overnight and bring it back tomorrow. I said no this was their mistake for having an old flyer on their site they should simply let me keep this tray and give me my money back. They absolutely refused. I was not going to lug the tray back up north put it in the fridge and bring it back the next day. What were they going to do serve it to another customer?? The worst customer service I've ever experience and I will definitely NOT BE BACK. You should avoid at all cost